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Romanian Motorcycle Community

If you are touring Romania on a motorcycle and experience some technical difficulties, you can use the classic approach (repair shops, service shops). But what if the repair shops are closed or if the spare part you need takes days to arrive?
You can reach the local motorcycle community. Romania has many motorcycle riders from all trades who are happy to help.

Common passions create strong communities. And social networks and video call/instant messaging apps make it easier to connect and trace a motorcycle rider who needs assistance.

A group of ambitious motorcyclists is willing to assist the comrades in distress or the ones who had a motorcycle incident.

Ride&Ride Emergency

Ride&Ride Emergency group involves doctors, nurses, and motorcycle mechanics. They offer their availability to assist and answer the cry for help of motorcyclists who had a crash or riders who just need to solve a mechanical problem.

Ride&Ride motorbike mechanical support

The support group was established in 2019 and currently has over 7,500 members.

Puiu Vasilescu

Ride & Ride is us. We make sure of the continuity of the good deeds. We formed a structure of Admin members, which are really involved in the events of motorcycle riders, who organize and assist. Emergency Ride & Ride is not a business, it is built on volunteer actions undertaken by all active members of the group.

Each event has its own characteristic. In case of serious crash, the group assists strictly regarding the technical condition of the motorcycle, its transportation and storage. As with regards to the injured rider, the authorities are the ones who do their duty.

The group has a prompt reaction. In Bucharest, an intervention is reached within a few minutes and in the rest of the country the intervention time is somewhere around 20-30 minutes.

Ride&Ride volunteers are solicited for various technical problems (chain, bad ignition, breakdown, engine failure, low battery, etc.). Solutions are sought and most of the time the motorcycle rider is successfully assisted and resumes his/her journey.

Puiu Vasilescu

A technical failure means that the engine is not running in normal parameters and the motorcyclist can no longer continue his journey. We prefer to assist any technical request because the Motorcycle cannot be repaired by phone or on Social Media.

Ride&Ride Events

To avoid traffic situations that involve motorcycle riders Ride&Ride promotes responsible motorcycling and defensive riding.

In their first outings, many novice riders are guided and accompanied by experienced motorcyclists. This helps them gain confidence riding in traffic. During organized events, the group offers technical advice and information on motorcycle maintenance.

Puiu Vasilescu

I found wonderful people who share the same passion and who offer their best to help a fellow rider found in a delicate situation. In fact, this is what Ride&Ride is all about. It is a link between all riders who want to help, to get involved in the community, who enjoy their adventures and motorcycle rallies.

The assistance you need – just a click away

If you want to get involved, assist, or receive support from the group, join Ride&Ride community. Ride&Ride Support Group currently has over 7,500 members ready to support other fellow riders.

Telegram Chat – today over 2600 members

Telegram Emergency – over 2400 members

Ride&Ride Facebook – over 7,500 members from all over the World

Behind Ride&Ride there is a lot of passion and respect for the motorcycle community.
Traffic incidents involving motorcyclists and the lack of such support within the motorcycle community made Puiu Vasilescu initiate this support group in 2019.

Although he is only 39 years old, the motorcycle riders in the group call him father Puiu. Puiu has been riding motorbikes for many years and has already ridden over 50,000 kilometres on two wheels (motorized).

He currently rides a Suzuki Intruder M1800 and says he still feels a pit in his stomach and the same fear mixed with pleasure every time he gets on his bike. Before setting off, Puiu recommends that you to make sure you are fully equipped and that the motorcycle is in good technical condition. Do not forget that defensive and civilized riding often saves you from unpleasant incidents.

motorbike support Romania
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