guide to motorcycle touring Romania

Touring Romania by motorbike

motorcycle touring Romania

Romania is situated in S-E Europe, bordering Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Republic of Moldavia and Hungary.

During the ages it was under the administration or occupation of Dacia, Roman Empire, Otoman Empire, Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Historically, Romania is formed from 3 traditional provinces:  Valahia, Moldavia and Transylvania, the last one being the most developed region of the country.

The relief

The relief of the country is favourable to motorbike riding, 35% of the territory is covered by mountains, 35% covered by hills and 30% by plains. Highest mountain Road in Romania is Transalpina, 2145 m in altitude.


Temperate-continental with 4 seasons.

Motorbike riding season:

from Spring to Autumn.
The high mountain roads are open only 3-5 months /year depending on weather conditions. Best time to visit and ride Transfagarasan Road is June 18 to September 30.
Early spring and Late Autumn motorcycle riding is possible. Please bring with you warm clothes as the morning and afternoons tend to be cooler in this period of time.

Ethnic groups:
Romanians (about 89%), Hungarians (about 6%). The rest of the populations are Rroma people, Germans, Ukrainians, Turks, etc.

Official language: Romanian
Hungarian, German, English, Spanish speaking people can be met.

99% of the population are Christians: Orthodox (about 86%) and roman-Catholics (about 5% of the population), Reformed, Pentecostals and Unitarians.

In the southern part of Romania there is an Islamic minority of Turks and Tartars.

Minorities of mosaic religion live in Romania, as well as atheist or people that have not declared a religion at the time of the census.


Romanian currency: leu
1 euro = 4.4909 lei
1 USD = 4.1260 lei
The visitors can choose ATMs in order to extract money from their own credit cards or the exchange offices (“Casa de Schimb Valutar” in Romanian) for cash. ATMs are available in every big city. For the exchange offices, visitors should choose the ones that do not charge a commission.

romania motorcycle touring

Gas: 1 litre – about 5 lei (1.2 euro).
Please fill your motorbike tank from big petrol stations (Rompetrol, Petrom, OMV, Mol, Lukoil, etc.) Payment by credit card is accepted at most gas stations.
Alcohol and driving: zero alcohol tolerance.
Should the riders like to immerge in the beer and wine culture they should do it after a riding day.
Speed limit:
50 km/hour in cities unless instructed otherwise.
100 km/hour on National or European roads
90 km/hour other roads
130 km/hour on highways

English, Spanish or German speaking Romanians can be found. However we recommend learning a few words in Romanian just enough to thank someone for a well done service.

Wear bright reflective gear to be visible. When overtaking, make sure that the drivers have acknowledged your intention.

The riders should be safe and remember: have fun and to enjoy the Transylvanian experience!

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