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Best Motorcycle Roads Romania

best motorbike roads Romania - Transfagarasan Road

Transfagarasan Road

The best road in the World was built as a military route, by communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. Ride up the tallest peaks of the Carpathians.
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Transrarau Road

It is one of the best motorcycle rides in Europe. Great mountain views, excellent tarmac, walking trails and legends attract riders here from all over the World.
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Bicazului Gorges

A strip of a road and two giant stone walls, swallowing what’s on it. And here you are, riding the road, curve after curve between 2 massive natural walls closing in.
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best motorcycle roads Romania

TransSemenic Road

Cross Semenic Mountains on one of the most sinuous alpine roads in Romania.  The road snakes up to 1000m in altitude on a section of never-ending twists and turns.
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Strategica Track

Cross Latoritei Mountains on Strategica – one of the most spectacular off-roads in Romania. The road takes you to the rooftop of the World.
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trasee moto Apuseni Romania

Călineasa Meadow

Ride Ordâncușii Canyon to Călineasa Meadow and Scărișoara Glacier. A captivating journey that uncovers some of the most beautiful landscapes in Romania.
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Evil Valley

Dizzying heights make your heartbeat faster. The wind blows hard and the frozen smile on your face has taken the shape of a grin. 
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motorcycle roads Romania - Transalpina Highway

Transalpina Road

With its highest point at Urdele Pass crossing Paring Mountains, it is one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathians. Ride on the highest mountain road in Romania.
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Transursoaia Road

Third highest mountain road in Romania it snakes up to the Dark Hill and Belisului Valley to the village of Horea. 80 km of sinuous rides and great mountain views.
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Transceahlau Road

From perfect tarmac to potholes turning into a complete forest road just to find a stretch of 50 meters of perfect asphalt in the middle of nowhere. 5* views.
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Road of the General

Riding on the ridge of the mountain up to 1250m gives you the view enjoyed by the eagles. Amazing views accompany you every mile you ride.
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Cerna Valley

An adventure motorcycle route riding along Cerna Valley on a sinuous trail made of gravel and dirt with landscapes that take your breath away. 
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trasee moto Romania

Padis – mixt route

Sunset Mountains Natural Park attracts the motorcycle riders in Padis with natural wonders and an unpaved road that entices with a variety of road surfaces.
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Jiet Canyon

The road forces you to lower your rhythm and pay more attention to the traffic and the road. Ride some of the best roads in Romania.
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motorbike touring Romania - Transbucegi Road

Transbucegi Road

The Old Ladies Road is a narrow, sinuous road leading up to Bucegi Plateau, close to The Old Ladies and The Sphinx – Romanian rock formations shaped by the Wind.
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The flooded village

The best adventure is on the road less traveled: a secret – no road signs and no asphalt. A different type of adventure travel – extreme toxic.
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Transapuseni Road

It is not Kings Road and it does not take you above the clouds, but it leads you on a twisting gravel road straight into the heart of the Sunset Mountains. Amazing views.
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Trans Euro Trail Romania

TET Romania

Departing from the Arctic Circle and riding down to the gateway to Africa, Trans Euro Trail includes 5100 km of pure adventure. Here’s what’s included in Romania.
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Oltet Canyon

The cool waters of Olteț divide Parâng Mountains from Căpățânii Mountains and create one of the longest and wildest Gorges in Romania.
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Iovan’s Road

A steep incline on a tight, winding road leading you to Petreasa Peak offers you 9 km of fascinating views that paint the perfect image of Sunset Mountain hamlets. 
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