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TET Romania

Departing from the Arctic Circle and riding down to the gateway to Africa, Trans Euro Trail includes 5100 km of pure adventure. An epic motorcycle journey mostly on dirt roads or gravel, on roads less traveled offering amazing wild scenery.

off-road in the Carpathians

TET Romania is divided in 3 sections which link Ukraine and Bulgaria/Serbia Trans Euro Trail with Romania. The Romanian itinerary is made of 1880 km, 60-65% unpaved.  In addition to this main route there are other two connections with Trans Euro Trail Hungary and Bulgaria – 100% paved.

Trans Euro Trail Romania

Trans Euro Trail Romania follows off-road tracks in Eastern Carpathians, Southern Carpathians, and a small part in the Western Carpathians on Banat Mountains.  

Linesman for TET Romania is Jon Florea, Romania & EE Rally Ride Champion in 2016 (+450cc).

John Florea – TET linesman Romania

TET philosophy of the route is to ride as much as possible on unpaved roads, but, as we very well know, this is getting more and more difficult even in Romania. Dividing the trails on sections was made because of the high number of points generated and for a more simple upload to GPS devices.  

Trans Euro Trail is suited for dual sport/enduro motorbikes, of small or medium capacity. The adventure bikes with high cc can handle a large section of TET, ridden by very experienced motorcycle riders. Everything depends on the weather conditions, quality of the tyres and riders’ skills. The philosophy of the trail is clearly focused on motorbikes endowed with little and light textile luggage.

Fascinating trails

Trans Euro Trail includes among others:

The time it takes to ride the Romanian sections of TET depends on the riding experience of each biker, motorcycle model used and the weather conditions.  TET founders recommend that riders should not to treat this experience like a race against the clock but should respect the natural environment and use the trails as an exploration base.

On ideal conditions an experienced motorcycle rider can complete TET Romania in 6 to 8 days (maybe sooner).

trasee off-road Romania Strategica

Level of difficulty

The road sections included in TET Romania have a different degree of difficulty. The changes that occur at the trails every year make standardization of the difficulty level next to impossible. All changes to the route are published frequently on TET website and are based on the feed-back received from the motorcyclists that ride the trails.  

Jon Florea – TET linesman Romania

TET project is based 100% on volunteering. The conclusion is that TET routes are designed for experienced riders using dual sport/enduro motorcycles of small or medium capacity. If any rider feels uncomfortable on a certain section of the route, he should turn back and look for an easier alternative.

The spectacular part of the TET is given by the succession of the landscape. Be amazed by the remarkable views while crossing hilly areas and mountain roads and riding up to alpine sections in a relatively short distance.  

It’s a Must

If time does not allow you to ride the entire TET Romania but do want to experience the thrill of the trails do not miss Strategica Road – one of the most spectacular routes included on TET Romania. Strategica is an old military road built by Germans during the 1st World War. The trail crosses Latoritei Mountains and offers captivating landscapes over Vidra Lake, Parang Mountains, Capatani Mountains or Lotrului Mountains.

The route connects Kings Road – Transalpina with Voineasa, on Macesului Vallei (difficult descent) or with Malaia on Rudaresei Valley (easier). Fairy-tale landscapes on a wild route guiding you to the clouds.

Discover TET Romania map on Trans Euro Trail webpage and begin your journey.

Technical Details on TET Romania

3 sections
Total Distance: 1880 km
Unpaved: about 65% dirt roads and gravel
Connects Romania with TET routes in Serbia and Ukraine
Motorbike model: dual sport/enduro of small or medium capacity
Luggage type: textile material luggage. Do not pack your whole house but little and light luggage. Must include a flat tyre kit and minimum necessary for motorbike maintenance.

Domogled-Cerna National Park

Photo Credit: Alex Palfi

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