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Women’s International Motorcycle Association – Romania Chapter

Irresistible, Overpowering, Unstoppable

When a woman sets her mind to something, she can move the mountains. When two women put their minds together, they can move a country. Inspired by their passion for motorcycle touring, Mihaela and Ina joined the international women’s association (WIMA) back in 2017.

Their purpose is to unite, advise and inspire women motorcycle riders. In this short time over 100 women riders joined the Romanian division of WIMA and over 750 follow them on social media.

Ina Popa, vice-president WIMA Romania

The numbers might not be important, but these women helped WIMA Romania to organize 2 women only motorcycle Parades, to be part of SMAEB – a motorcycle centred event and to coordinate various activities to provide for the less fortunate communities.

WIMA Romania and Women Riders World Relay

women riders world relay romania

According to Hayley Bell – UK, founder of WRWR the purpose of this Relay was „to ignite a global sisterhood of inspirational women to promote courage, adventure, unity and passion for biking from all corners of the world”.

In 2019 over 3500 women from 79 countries traveled around the world over 100 000 km.

In the Romanian corner the baton travelled in 2019 from May 31st to 1st of June with Luiza Gojol – WRWR ambassador and 20 women guardians, all members of the Romanian Division of WIMA. The baton travelled from Ukraine to Bulgaria, where it was handed over to the Bulgarian WRWR Team.

Mihaela Hodivoianu – president of WIMA Romania

We got amazing warm welcoming and ride in Ukraine. Crossing the Romanian border, we got support from local motorcycle community in Suceava (North Gang Riders), Barlad (Bikerboyz Barlad) and Bucharest.

March – the month for Safety on 2wheels

In close partnership with Black Helmets RC and Free Riders Motorcycle Association, WIMA Romania is part of Safety on 2wheels, a set of events taking place each year in March. Safety on 2wheels is organized with the assistance of Romanian traffic police and has the intention of:

  • raising awareness of both motorcyclists and other road participants regarding traffic safety
  • promoting responsible motorcycling on Romanian roads
  • developing defensive motorcycle riding skills
  • learning key first-aid skills for motorcyclists

These events start and end with parties where men and women motorcyclists socialize. One of these parties is dedicated to women motorcyclists and is organized by WIMA Romania.

Since 2017 the Romanian division of WIMA has found that there are many women in Romania who ride motorcycles or who want to stop being a pillion and ride on their own.

Women motorcycle community includes experienced motorcyclists, doctors, motorcycle riding instructors and many other sectors. On their social media page women riders encourage, inspire and advise beginners and aspirants.

WIMA Romania considers that an exclusively female motorcycle group is based more on communication and understanding rather than competition and rebellious behaviour and will continue to support Romanian women motorcycle riders.

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