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Romanian high speed motorcycle racers

Alina Cristina Udrescu
Alina-Cristina Udrescu

She intended to be an airline pilot, but she feels in ninth heaven riding a motorcycle. Alina-Cristina Udrescu is the fastest Romanian woman motorcycle racer and a relentless presence in high speed motorcycle competitions.
After winning Ladies Trophy title with Honda CBR 600 in 2013, in 2019 she was the first Romanian motorcycle racer to compete in a motorcycle competition in Mexico.

These days she is prepping for the European Women Cup, but it all depends on COVID-19 evolution.

Riding like the wind on the track – slow in traffic

Contrary expectations, Cristina did not join the motorcycle entourage following a family tradition. After feeling the rush of adrenaline as a passenger, at age 19 she decided to follow the motorcycle training courses of a Driving School. A few months later, with no experience in city riding, she would try out a circuit session. The following year she would compete for the first time on a motorcycle race.  

Alina-Cristina Udrescu – high speed motorcycle racer

My first day on the track was fascinating. I learned to ride the motorbike at the driving school training ground and on the circuit.  I did not ride the motorcycle much in traffic. The feeling on the circuit was that the asphalt was too close to me, although I could not touch the tarmac with my knee at that time. Riding on a circuit is amazing and must be experienced by everyone!
Romanian women motorcycle racers

Cristina’s first ever motorbike ridden on a track was Aprilia Rs125. Poorly maintained and overused on the circuit by many racers, the motorcycle got broken fast.  
After Aprilia Rs125, Cristina moved up to 1000cc on a Honda CBR 954 and later a Kawasaki zx10. This is how she continued the races for about 6 years. She then got back to a 125cmc motorbike. It brought her good luck and together had great results.  
The team and race equipment made all the difference. She got back to 1000cc in 2011 and in 2012 changed class to 600cc, a Honda CBR 600RR motorcycle. Ever since she alternates between 600cc, 125cc and recently 300cc for Stock 300 during MotoRC2020.

First Romanian presence on a Mexico high speed motorcycle race

Throughout the years, Cristina took part in many competitions. However, a few of them remained closer to her heart:

2009 Balcaniada, Serres – won the 125cc race
2013 Ladies Trophy, Brno – where she crossed the finishing line on 1st place, general, 600cc class, Ladies Trophy
In 2014 she takes part to her first Romanian competition, RoSBK Motorpark

Alina – Cristina Udrescu – high speed motorcycle racer

In 2014……I was racing well back then. All racers had well equipped motorcycles, new tyres, new bikes. I was racing on a good motorbike, but the tyres were taken from the junkyard, from faster racers. Despite this, I finished the race on 5th place at 600cc advanced class.

The experience that she will cherish for a lifetime and still gives her goosebumps is racing in Italika Women’s International Cup in 2019. She also marked the first Romanian participation to a motorcycle race in Mexico.

In 2020, Cristina dreams of the European Women’s Cup.  

Alina – Cristina Udrescu – high speed motorcycle racer

In order for me to be part of this race the financial effort is enormous. For now, nothing is for certain (due to COVID-19 situation). I wish I could at least race one of the stages (wildcard), one of the races in Misano. But for this to happen I would need a borrowed/rented motorcycle, a place with one of the teams, travel money, money to cover the fees. So, any partnership at this point is more than welcome.
Alina Cristina Udrescu Romanian motorcycle racer

If being a woman in high speed motorcycle racing was a big deal in the past, nowadays this has become the norm. Romania has many women on the circuit as well as in traffic. This movement is developing fast.

Cristina recommends:

To all motorcycle riders who fear cornering, I recommend them to go to a private place and practice riding figure 8.  You can learn so much by practicing this. You can also take some defensive riding courses. There are many locations where you can ride safely on a circuit and under guidance. Do not be afraid to ask questions and be open to critics and advice.  It is important to learn these skills not only by reading information online and get stuck with those opinions. A terrific mentor is extremely important.

Use the brake late – throttle early

Every race is a new beginning. You hear the engine roar and feel your heart beats.  You breathe and visualize. Does perfect cornering exist?  For Cristina it all depends on the self-confidence she feels that day, right that moment.

Alina – Cristina Udrescu – high speed motorcycle racer

My riding style is a bit wrong. So, I am practicing a lot to improve it. The theory is complicated. And I do not know it perfectly. This means I cannot apply it at its best. In short, it is like this: use the brake late – throttle early.

When she cannot afford racing, she’s at the racetrack taking pictures to the riders on the circuit.

Cristina is active on social media.  Speed motorcycle races lovers can follow her on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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