Women Motorcycle Riders


WIMA Romania – motorcycle women association

When a woman sets her mind to something, she can move the mountains. When two women put their minds together, they can move a country.

Andreea Goga – enduro motorcycle racer

After Red Bull Romaniacs Finisher she starts participating in harder off road competitions. Over 100 national and international finished Championships.

Cristina Udrescu – fastest motorcycle rider in Romania

Winner of Lady’s Trophy Cristina combines speed and motorcycling. She has no problem messing her hair or breaking a nail and dreams of racing in Moto 3.

Not all those who wander are lost.


What does it take to be a women motorcycle rider?

Women motorcycle riders are a special breed. Courage, strength, a hint of craziness and lots of practice.

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a group of passionate motorcyclists sharing their knowledge on motorcycle riding in Romania.

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