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Out of passion for motorcycle riding

Kangaroo or cow leather, textile or denim materials, these are the options Alphahead has picked for its motorbike gear. Besides motorcycle suits, the Romanian company offers a selection of motorbike boots, gloves and other accessories.

Georgeta and Vishal are passionate motorcycle riders, with thousands of miles on 2wheels. As every other rider, they found themselves in search of the perfect motorcycle gear. As it was difficult for them to find a good quality/price ratio, they decided to start producing it themselves.

Alphahead began creating motorbike gear in august 2018, with 20 prototypes.

They wanted their gear to answer motorcycle rider’s needs, so these prototypes were presented and tested by several riders. Looking for protection, ventilation, comfort and design, the bikers have assisted in the change and development of the motorbike gear.

The company produces now motorcycle gear for sport, chopper or touring motorcycle lovers. Prices are subject to quality of the material used and design.

Leather: price between 250-350 euro/item
Denim jacket: price 140 euro
Textile/touring equipment: between 120 – 150 euro/item

Georgeta Brehoi – Alphahead

We will constantly develop the models we have based on the rider’s needs. Usually, before launching a new prototype on the market, we put it to the test on long distance rides and all climate conditions (heat, cold, rain, wind)

Currently, Alphahead is testing a new prototype designed for adventure-touring motorcycle riders.

Mike L. – Prototype testing

As soon as I put it on, I felt it’s comfort, which I think is right up there in importance with safety. It’s noticeably lighter than other brands I’ve had so far so I didn’t feel the need to remove it when off the bike after a lengthy ride. Summer ridding means ventilation, at least while moving is very important. This jacket has excellent vents and exhaust vents which I believe will do the job in keeping me cool in warm weather.

Design your own motorcycle racing suit


Should you not be able to get what you need from standard models or you cannot find a product to fit your size, Alphahead gives you the opportunity to create your own motorcycle racing suit on your size and with the accessories you desire.

A team of experts will assist you with recommendations and Vishal will design your gear.

You can select kangaroo or cow leather, customize the racing suit with your name or the name of the motorbike club you ride with, pick the colour and other accessories.

Once agreed and perfected all details it will last between 4 to 5 weeks to have your own motorcycle racing suit delivered to your door. For the custom-made products, an initial 50% deposit will be required.

Your perfect size from the distance


To ensure that the motorcycle riders select the best size, Alphahead delivers two items from the order in different sizes.
Let’s suppose that you order one jacket.

Your order is delivered to your door, you unpack and try on 2 jackets instead of one. You keep the jacket that best suites you and return the other one. All on Alphahead account.

Alphahead and Romanian motorsport

Alphahead launched the business with the desire to do something for the motorcycle community.
In 2019 the company supported the national champion Robertino Dumitru (300SSP class) and provided him with a custom-made motorcycle racing suit.

Alphahead logo was proudly worn by Daria Ganescu, race pilot for rookies 600. Daria is a 17 years old teenager who is measuring her motorbike skills with the big boys in motorcycle races.

This year is Team BMR turn to wear Alphahead logo in motorcycle races. With 7 pilots in MotoRC championship, a mechanical and a management team, Team BMR-EXE Softwear wants to bring back the performance in Romanian motorsport.

Alphahead sells its products both via online store as well as in the show room opened in Voluntari, Ilfov, 4th Pipera Boulevard, Romania. You can also find the latest news on their products and seasonal discounts by following them on social media.

For each item sold, Alphahead donates 2.5 euros to protect stray dogs. This way every buyer will help a stray dog found somewhere in a Romanian animal shelter.

Vishal Narender – manager Alphahead

We don’t dream of yachts. A happy motorcycle rider and a lucky dog is all we need to sleep good at night.
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