Transbucegi Road

great twists and turns

TransBucegi Road

Ride the Motorbike on Transbucegi Road
third highest mountain road in Romania

Transbucegi Road reaching 1925m  in altitude is now the newest mountain road in Romania. The road has been included in the motorbike tours organized by local adventure travel agencies starting 2016.

Known as The Old Ladies RoadTransbucegi is a narrow, sinuous road leading up to Bucegi Plateau, close to The Old Ladies and The Sphinx – famous Romanian rock formations shaped by the Wind.

Transbucegi Road can be easily reached from Sinaia up on DN71. At Cota 1000 the riders will leave DN71 and head on DJ713, known as Transbucegi – 20 km of motorbike heaven, 17 of them tarmac, filled with road bends and hairpin curves, unveiling amazing views over the mountains.

The rest of 3 km is protected area and therefore off limits to riders or drivers.

motorbike touring Romania
view over Bolboci Dam

Situated at the foot of Laptici Mountains, Turbaria Laptici has been declared a natural reservation for over 50 years. Turbaria Laptici is one of the most interesting swamps in Romania, home for several rare species of flora.

Turbaria Laptici and Bolboci Dam

The ride to Turbaria Laptici takes the road along Bolboci Lake, an artificial Lake in Bucegi Mountains. Bolboci Dam is situated at 1438 m in altitude, making it the highest situated Dam in the country and the turquoise –green water of the lake paints a view hard to forget.

The ride is partially tarmac and partially gravel with rewarding views offering plenty of photo opportunities.

The construction of Transbucegi Road begun in 2010.

The trill of the ride, the bended road and the amazing views over the mountains has convinced the adventure travel agencies to include the road in the tours they run in Romania.

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