Bicaz Gorges

Killer Lake & Hell’s Throat

Bicazului Gorges

Making the connection between Transylvania and Moldavia, Bicazului Gorges are located in the central part of Hasmas Mountains. Covering 12 km, the road takes the adventurer from Red Lake to Bicaz Chei on a series of hairpin curves with a wild, cliffy scenery.

Red Lake aka Killer Lake

The area is full of legends just as much as it is full of cars on the side of the road on weekends. The lake is a natural dam formed by the collapse of one of the summits back in 1838. In German the Lake is called Mördersee (Killer Lake) and Hungarians call it gylkos (murderer).

When the summit collapsed, a complete village was covered by lake waters killing all people and creatures in its way. The legend says that the water was red with the blood of the victims, hence the name Red Lake.

Romantic legends are also tied with the name of the lake, but we will leave it to you to discover while in the area. Enjoy lunch in one of the restaurants on the lake side and venture on a short rowboat ride.

Get back on the motorbike and continue your journey to Bicazului Gorges. A hell of a ride awaits as you will cross Hell’s Throat, Hell’s Gate and Hell’s Porch on the way.

Ride Hell’s Throat

The most spectacular section of the road is Hells Throat. A strip of a road and two giant stone walls, swallowing what’s on it. And here you are, riding the road, curve after curve between 2 massive natural walls closing in.

The Altar Stone

is the most impressive summit in Bicazului Gorges.
Reaching 1154 meters, the Altar Stone is not the tallest peak in the area, but it is certainly the most spectacular.
You can easily distinguish it by the cross mounted on its top.

The legend says that the free Dacians used to hold worship ceremonies on top of the rock. The road winds down with twists and turns and hairpin curves while heading to your next adventure: Transceahlau Road.

Technical information:

Distance: from Red Lake to the city of Bicaz there are 34 km, 12 of them of pure adventure.
How to get here:
From Brasov – 192km
From Sighisoara – 146km
Both roads include rides trough Szeklers Land and guarantee plenty of road bends.

Experience in riding tight curves required
Road Quality: good surface, asphalt
Tunnel: 155 m of unilluminated tunnel
When to ride: avoid the crowds and traffic by riding the area on weekdays.

Bicaz Gorges Map

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