Reading this guide you will be receiving valuable information on motorcycle touring Romania: do’s and dont’s, what to see or what to do in a certain destination. The journey to the destination is not neglected as we believe the motorcycle ride is the highlight of the day.

First thing to remember when reading this blog is that the opinions presented here are subjective and are based on the experience our team has lived, the people they met and the motorbike model they used.

Also, when it comes to motorbike riding, the fitness and riding experience of each individual is important. Choose your rides well.

With this in mind we wish you happy reading. Should you be enticed by any of our adventure journeys we will be happy to ride with you sometime.

Don’t just dream about it – Ride it! Join us in our next motorbike adventure!

What People Say

Thanks for the information. Really helped towing my bike to the shop.

Mark. W.

I liked Transfagarasan Road but loved Transalpina! What a road!

Cat J.

To everyone thinking of motorbike touring Romania, do it! It totally worth it!

Johny M.

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